Monopoly GO: Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Each Level

Many Monopoly GO players are eager to know the total cost required to fully upgrade each level. As the game progresses, the costs typically increase, making it challenging to keep track. To help, I’ve gathered data from our dedicated community to compile a list of level costs in Monopoly GO.

Level NumberCost of First UpgradeTotal Level Cost
1651.120 M
18556k59.265 M
19635k70.624 M
66307.760 M
13717 M1.887 BN
13821.3 M2.361 BN
213111 M12.249 BN
221108 M11.939 BN
231159 M16.920 BN
252235 M26.102 BN
253259 M28.767 BN
254261 M29.035 BN
255263 M29.253 BN
256265 M29.460 BN
257238 M26.501 BN
258267 M29.672 BN
259294 M32.696 BN
260296 M32.936 BN
261298 M33.185 BN
322841 M94 BN (estimate)
326885 M99 BN (estimate)
66729.5 TN
668310 BN35.650 TN (estimate)

We are collecting data again for this next table. If you would like to contribute your own data please put it in the comments below, just leave the level number and the total cost for the level. This must be your own data, and not something you found somewhere on the internet.

There is also a formula that you can use in order to get a rough total of the amount of money you’ll need to complete a level in Monopoly Go, ans basically all you need to do is multiply by 112 the cost of the first landmark. However, please note, from time to time the developers do change the parameters of upgrade costs, so please bear that mind, for some levels, this simple calculation may not work.

It ends here. Tracking the cost of each level in Monopoly GO helps players plan their upgrades strategically. For more info, please visit U4gm – this is also the best store that offers Monopoly Go Stickers for Sale cheap, and 100% legal! Last, don’t forget to use code “Mods” for an extra 5% off now!

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