Diablo 4 FAQ: How Items Work

Diablo 4 Items

In Diablo 4, items have a lot of mechanics and nuances that can be easily overlooked. In this article, we’ll be covering the things that you may have missed.

What Are The Diablo 4 Items’ Rarities?

There are 5 rarities in Diablo 4 that are indicated by their color. Here’s a quick TLDR of what you should know for each.

  • Common (white): Just ignore them.
  • Magic (Blue): You can disenchant a few of them for materials but you can ignore them late game.
  • Rare (Yellow):  Most of them will have garbage stats compared to Legendaries at higher levels, the stats may be useful for certain slots, at least for a little while
  • Legendary (orange): As you get closer to the end game, your character will be wearing Diablo 4, all Legendary items, and any other tier lower than Legendary will be disenchanted or vendored
  • Unique (Gold): All Unique tier items are built in a way that they going to define a build of your character, have incredible aesthetics, and of course, will be incredibly powerful.

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What Is A Unique Item In Diablo 4?

Unique items are some of the best pieces of Gear in Diablo 4. They have powers that are far stronger than any Legendary Aspects and will significantly enhance any build. There are two types of Unique: normal ones, which are a big power boost, and Uber Uniques, which are far rarer and game-changing if used.

What Are Ancestral and Sacred Items in Diablo 4?

Sacred and Ancestral items are vastly superior versions of the common gear pieces players get during their journey from levels 1 through 50. These are essentially new item tiers that only drop on higher difficulties—Sacred items start dropping on World Tier 3, while Ancestral gear only appears on World Tier 4. Sacred gear is better than normal ones, while Ancestral items are the best that players can equip on their character.

How do Aspects and Gear Slots work?

Aspects are divided into 5 BIG categories: Offensive, Defensive, Utility, Mobility, and Resource. Different item slots will only be allowed to use Aspects from their designated role. The Amulet is the best example because it’s all 5 categories at once. This means Amulets can be imprinted with any type of Aspect. On top of that, the Amulet is extra special because it will buff whatever Aspect you imprint on it by 50%.

Weapons only count as Offensive’ so you can only imprint Offensive Aspects. Pretty much all the stuff that does damage. Nothing defensive. Aspects on this slot get pumped up by 100%, so that’s where you put your most key offensive Aspect.

How Many Stats Can Diablo 4 Items Have?

Depending on the rarity, Diablo 4 Items can have up to 6 affixes and 1 Aspect imprinted on them. The number of Prefixes is decided by the tier of the item and can’t be changed.

How to change Affixes on items in Diablo 4?

To change one of your Item’s Affixes you need to visit the Occultist NPC. You can only change one Affix on any item, locking the rest of the stats on the item forever.

How To Upgrade Diablo 4 Items?

You can upgrade weapons, armor, and accessories at any blacksmith across Sanctuary, and pretty much every settlement – even the dinkiest, most backwoods hamlets – has a blacksmith. Speak with the smith, and choose the “Upgrade” tab. It’s the furthest on the right, next to salvaging and repairing. Items can be upgraded up to 4 times by paying gold in a similar fashion to how you change stats at the Occultist. Doing so will increase the item level of the item and all its powers besides the Aspect.

How many Gem Sockets can items have in Diablo 4?

Items that drop in the game can have up to 2 Gem Slots.  Items that only have 1 Slot can be upgraded to 2 Slots by visiting the Jeweler NPC.

It ends here. Thanks for reading our D4 items FAQ! For more guides, head to our game hub U4gm.com!

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