How to Make More ISK in Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes ISK is the main currency of the game. It can be used for various purposes, from market transactions to the daily rewards you receive and the bounties you complete multiple encounters. Therefore, since ISK determines all fees, let me tell you how to get more ISK!

There are many things to do in EVE Echoes, and various paths can be followed, but all of these go hand in hand with more risks in the game. That is the currency in the game, and everyone needs this to flourish.

If you want to get rich from the game, there are several ways to do this, mainly by getting a lot of ISK! Now that you are here, I think you want to make more ISKs in EVE Echoes quickly. Okay, shall we start?

How to get ISK
There are several ways you can continuously make ISK in the game, as well as other methods that require you to complete various tasks and encounters-let us look at these methods below:

Log in to the game every day to get ISK.
You will receive free login rewards every day you log in to the game. This will be sent to your game mail, and you can declare it when docked.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the game and save it until you can afford the venture capital firm to better mine, this is a super-easy way to accumulate money.

Get ISK by selling goods on the market.
If you play for a while, you will know that the market is where you can buy almost everything!
If you want to increase your ISK income, you can choose to sell some of your collected items. You can go to “Inventory” to see which items can be set for sale.
We have put together a guide on how to sell in EVE Echoes, so if you don’t know what to do, make sure to check there first.

Start mining and sell rare ores/robbery.
Once the first mining laser (for MK3 mining laser) is created, you can equip it on any ship and send it to the asteroid belt to start mining (in the future, please use a dedicated industrial ship, preferably Venture).
Try to save public resources because they will not sell for that much money. However, if you need ISK, you can also choose to sell them (but don’t expect immediate results because there are many people currently farming) unless you sell them at a lower price than the market price.

Plant blueprints and sell them on the market
We have created a guide on how to obtain blueprints. If you want to do it full-time, you may have to make many upgrades to handle exceptions well (because they can provide better loot).
Either way, you can sell the blueprints you usually get, and if you happen to get some unique BP, you can sell more!

Encounter ISK
Tap “Menu” to find “Encounter,” and then a folding option appears-there. Click on the “Encounter” tab; you will find that there are many tasks that can be performed there, and the number of ISK executed will reward you.
By going to Menu -> Encounter -> News, you will see a task list that can be refreshed at any time to receive some new tasks.

Logistics work
When you enter the menu -> logistics, you will see this option allows you to transport the player’s items from one station to another and give you some ISK as a reward. You can go to “Accept Delivery Request” to view the quotation, where it will display various tasks you can perform.

No exceptions and bounty
Try to upgrade your spaceship to a more combat friendly spaceship, and then you can start researching abnormal situations, which will provide you with the right amount of ISK. If you are just getting started, try to find monsters that are not too difficult, and when upgrading your spaceship, expand the scale to encounter more powerful encounters!
If you want to see the best ships in the game, you can perform exception handling, and you can read our best boats in the EVE Echoes list!

Build BP yourself
Since you can get blueprints, you can also make blueprints yourself and choose to sell completed items to get more. If you produce materials that do not make the finished product more expensive than the separately purchased product, you should do so.

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