Diablo 4: Top 9 Endgame Secrets You Need To Know

Diablo 4: Top 9 Endgame Secrets You Need To Know

Diablo 4, the latest installment in the Diablo series, has captivated gamers worldwide with its immersive gameplay and intricate mechanics. Despite its popularity, many hidden tricks and features can enhance your gaming experience. This article will reveal 9 endgame secrets the game doesn’t tell you, including how to double your legendary power.

1. Leveling Doesn’t Always Mean Power

In Diablo 4, leveling up doesn’t equate to increased power. Excessive leveling can reduce your power compared to your enemies. This is because most enemies in the game scale with your level to maintain a balanced challenge. Instead of focusing on leveling, concentrate on other aspects like Renown in altars of Lilith, Paragon glyphs, and building a strong character.

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2. Boosting Your Legendaries

Numerical legendaries in Diablo 4 can be improved uniquely. You can increase their effectiveness by upgrading these legendaries at the blacksmith or jeweler before extracting their aspect. This trick can enhance your legendary items’ power, strengthening your character.

3. Advanced Tooltip Settings

The Advanced Tooltip settings in the options menu can provide more detailed information about your gear. By turning on these settings, you can see the potential roles of numbers on gear or legendaries, helping you make more informed decisions about your equipment.

4. The Deceptive Attack Power Stat

The attack power stat on your character screen doesn’t represent your character’s strength. This number is a basic calculation of your weapon’s attack power, attack speed, and main stat, among other things. It doesn’t account for critical chance, damage, or stat boosts. Therefore, rely on something different than this number to gauge your character’s power.

5. Crafting Gems

Visit the jeweler in town to see what gems you can craft. You can craft gems using the previous tier of gem once you reach the right level requirements. This can result in meaningful upgrades to your character’s power.

6. Efficient Loot Collection

When a legendary item drops, your first instinct might be to pick it up immediately. However, you can leave the legendary item behind if your inventory is complete. It will find its way back to you via your stash, saving you from having to discard other Diablo 4 items from your list.

7. Helltide Farming Trick

Helltide is an excellent activity for farming higher-tier loot. If you’ve reached World Tier 4 but need to be stronger to do Helltide in World Tier 4, you can farm Helltide in World Tier 3, collect Cinders, then switch to World Tier 4 to open World Tier 4 Helltide caches. This trick allows you to get higher potential loot while fighting lower-tier enemies.

8. Customizing Item Drop Sounds

In the options menu, you can customize the sounds that play when items drop. This feature can make your gameplay smoother, as you can set it to only play sounds for the specific types of loot you’re interested in.

9. Controlling Your Horse

Your horse’s speed in Diablo 4 depends on how far away your cursor is from the center of the screen. The further away the cursor, the faster the horse moves. Knowing this can save you time while navigating the game world.

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